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LEAN management consulting and training for value added, customer focused leadership and continuous improvement.

Meeting customer needs is the key for successful business. Comprehensive process management solutions and a mindset to create value and reduce waste promote business opportunities. LEAN Train helps you to create more value with less resources and to establish innovation, effectiveness and efficiency in your organization.

Business optimization

We don't just analyze, we optimize your business with our hands-on approach in our clients' projects.

Focus on solutions

We help you to find the missing piece for a lean process chain and value-driven business development.

Lean training

Customized and precise training enables people to achieve an efficient workflow and lean processes.

Increase effectiveness

Knowledge about your customers' values allows you to reduce waste and to use the full potential and ingenuity of your organization.



Our Mission: To support LEAN HEROES.
Take part! Lead the way toward a lean transformation.

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Lean tools, methods and training for more business value.

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    Executives determined to boost the added value. Committed people who improve a process, increase efficiency and create more customer value.

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    LEAN strategies help organisations worldwide to achieve significant benefits while improving quality, costs, speed and value.

  • Thomas S. Regnet
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    Passion, efficiency and a high standard of quality for every piece of work. Every day there is an opportunity to get lean.

Blog Posts

LEAN and the city.

Would you say something is a trend when it reaches a small city of 18k people? I bet! Today I read about a continuous improvement initiative in a US city named Wisconsin Rapids. The mayor Zach Vruwink announced in the city’s newspaper that 25% of the city’s employees have been trained in Lean Six Sigma and promoted the Rapid Improvement online platform for project suggestions by the citizens.

Lean Government success story from the State of Colorado

When we think about governmental activities LEAN might not be the first thought. In administrations pressure is often high but job satisfaction low, customer service a foreign word and budget overruns are more rule than exception. But there is a promising Lean government story from Colorado.

What is LEAN? - Part 6: How to implement Lean?

Implementing LEAN might be compared to an individual’s decision to improve his budget. You could earn more or you could save on unnecessary things. Earning more might increase the budget, but focusing spending on value is the more sustainable strategy for long term growth. It is not the dinner with your wife that ruins your budget but the never used stuff in your wardrobe. Same thing in business.

What is LEAN? - Part 5: Reduce waste and improve quality.

Successful organizations of all sectors are built upon a strategy and an organizational mindset to deliver value and high quality towards customers. While this is a solid foundation, to optimize business value you have to go further. After defining value and quality criteria LEAN methods allow to identify waste and to improve processes to a higher degree of efficiency and make the work of people more effective.

What is LEAN? - Part 4: Delivering quality.

Delivering quality according to customers’ expectations and requirements is the next step to optimize the success of an organization. In management literature there are various definitions of quality. Indeed, when it comes to specifics quality has a distinct meaning for the different sectors, but it can be boiled down to three categories of quality: Functional, operational and experience.

What is LEAN? - Part 3: Delivering value.

All different flavors of LEAN – Lean Management, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, etc. – have one thing in common: To deliver optimal value and quality with as little resources as possible. However, the perception of value for customers and business may vary, meeting expectations of customers and providing value is crucial for sustainable business.

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